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About The Body Wonders

The Body Wonders is a luxury natural cosmetics brand, inspired by ancient Ayurveda practices. We believe, that ancient wisdom applies to modern lifestyle by sharing the essence of natural beauty. We strongly trust in the power of plants, herbs, flowers and fruits that offers plenty of benefits for humans’ health and beauty. The Body wonders cosmetics is naturally formulated and shares with the real Mother Nature treasures. Our products are designed to heal, protect and glamourize your Body, Hair and Face.

After many years of research and investigations, we came up with the unique formulas, which already have received extensive recognition not only in India, but also in Europe, US, Canada Mexico and Dubai. We are also engaged in continuous research and developing of existing and new products, applying recent technologies and modern practices.

The Body Wonders cosmetics is for everyone, who cares about the health and beauty of their body. Beauty deserves the gentleness of natural products, healing not only the body but also the soul.




We are committed to offer the best quality cosmetics’ products by utilizing the purest, hand-selected ingredients available, combining with the most innovative production techniques. We promise, that every experience with The Body Wonders cosmetics will be unique and enjoyable.


Mission & Vision



The Body Wonders mission is to stimulate humans’ Vitality, Health and Natural Beauty, by developing cosmetics that nourish, heals and beautifies Humans’ Body, Hair and Face.


To become the first choice brand for all natural cosmetics’ lovers.


Social Responsibility


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